Outdoor Pole Mounted Built-in CT 15kV/1250A Auto Recloser Vacuum Breaker

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Circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor applications with the best rang electrical requirement supplier in medium voltage vacuum and SF6 gas.
Yueqing Aiso circuit breakers gain client trust thanks to their proven reputation for reliability, performance and long life. CBs from Yueqing Aiso are available for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to incorporate in their own installations or for use in repair, retrofit and upgrade projects.

Product Description

Applicable place: (Suitable for places with high voltage level)

1.Overhead lines.


3.Mining enterprises.

4.Power stations.


This is a new type of on pole switchgear in vacuum circuit breaker series products in China.


1.It has good performance in short-circuit making and breaking.

2.It is characterized by automatic re-making, stable operation and long electric life.

3.Under its normal operating conditions and specified technical parameters, it can satisfy the protection requirements of systems connected with the grid in service.

Environmental Conditions 

Ambient temperature: - 40°C~+40°C

Relative humidity: ≤95% (daily average) or ≤90% (monthly average)

Altitude:  ≤ 2000m


Offering a unique design of the manual switch on technology to meet the state of conventional and unconventional features of the Closing. Its speed to meet IEC62271-100 and similar GB1984-2003 standard requirements.
The emergence of the technology to make up for the permanent institutions and agencies in their respective spring shortcomings, is a new generation of high-performance power switching distinguishing features.
Primary busbar terminal (direct overlap with the interrupter to reduce unnecessary power losses)
Vacuum interrupter (APG process using solid-solid insulating sealing technology, plus silicone rubber molding compound technology to improve the overall switch weather performance)
Extensible outlet pipe (plus modular design, which will help insulation margin of certainty and product interchangeability requirements)
RVB series vacuum switch rejection of the traditional switch design concepts, will absorb some of the advanced design concepts, simplifying the overall transmission mode switch, greatly reducing the transmission power loss of this switch makes switching better overall performance and longer life.
Makes the whole body switches provide a higher life expectancy, more stable mechanical properties.
RVB-40.5N provide up to 25,000 times the mechanical operation of life, institutions 20,000 times the number of maintenance-free operation.
RVB-40.5Mto provide up to 100,000 times the mechanical operation of life.


No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 12/24/36/40.5
2 Power frequency Wet 42/65/70/95
Dry 45/70/80/110
Lingthning impluse withstand voltage
(peak value)
Rated current A 630/1250/1600/2000/2500A
Rated short circuit breaking current kA 25/31.5/40
Rated capacitor bank breaking current A 600/800
Rated short circuit breaking times times 30
Rated making current kA 63/80/100
Rated short circuit peak withstand current
Rated short circuit withstand current 25/31.5/40
Rated short time duration time s 3月4日
Complete breaking time ms ≦100
Opening time Highest
operate voltage
operate voltage
operate voltage
Closing time 25-50 ≤3
Contact closing bounce time ms ≤2
Out of simultaneity of contact switching ms ≤2
Contact overtravel on opening mm
Mectrical life 20000(Normal)
Electrical life(Rated onload switching) 10000(Noraml)
Rated operate sequence O-0.3-co-180s-co
Weight ≤250kg

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