Transformer Substation Used 35kV Outdoor Oil Type Potential Transformer

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The 35kV Outdoor Oil Type Potential Transformer of the type JDJ(J)2-35 is single phase and oil-immersed product. It is used for electric energy metering, voltage control and relay protection in the electric system of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage 35KV.This 35kV Outdoor Oil Type Potential Transformer has three poles and iron core is made of silicon steel sheet. The body is fixed on the box cover by clamps. There have the primary and secondary bushing also on the box cover. The oil box is made of steel sheet by welding, there are earth studs and oil drain plug on lower part of box wall, and four mounting holes in the bottom.

Technical parameter
Type Rated voltage ratio(V) Rated Output(VA) Ultimate Output
0.2 0.5 1 6P
JDJ2-35 35000/100 75 150 250 1000
JDJJ2-35 3500/3/100/3/100/3 75 150 250 100
3500/3/100/3/100/3/100/3 30 60 100 2*50

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