10kv 11kv 500kva Outdoor Prefabricated Power Distribution Transformer House

10kv 11kv 500kva Outdoor Prefabricated Power Distribution Transformer House

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•Beautiful appearance, compact structure, small size, flexible disassembly , convenient, fully sealed, high and low voltage components separated were placed in cabinets, equivalent to only similar box-type variable volume1/5 to 1/3.

•Modular transformers has a small, fully enclosed, flexible operation, easy installation and operating costs low, so 10kV (35kV) grid-depth load centers, reduce line losses, and beautify the urban environment. Good performance and reliable stability, delicate appearance, safety and environmental protection. lt can be widely used in all kinds of public places.

Also known as the combined American box transformer, the transformer body, high-voltage load switch, fuse and other protective components are immersed in transformer insulating oil, and the overall volume is greatly reduced. Rockwell box transformer manufacturer, the box transformer produced meets the JB/T10217-2000 standard. It is a box transformer product developed by our company that has self-protection function and can meet user requirements. It is equipped with low-voltage side electric energy metering, reactive power compensation, and shunt feeder.

1.Sealed structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and maintenance-free

2.The volume is greatly reduced, only about 1/3 of the domestic European-style box change with the same capacity, the structure is more compact, and the installation is convenient and flexible 

3.The high-voltage side adopts double fuse protection, among which the plug-in fuse is a dual sensitive fuse (temperature, current), and the backup fuse is a non-current-limiting fuse.

4.The transformer has a three-phase three-column or three-phase five-column structure, and the iron core adopts a stepped joint process or a rolled iron core process, which has low noise, low loss, and strong short-circuit and overload resistance. 5.American box substation can be used for both ring network and terminal, so the conversion is very convenient.


1. Safe & Reliable
Shell generally adopts aluminium zinc steel plate, frame with a standard container material and production process which has good anti-corrosion performance for 20 years guaranteed. The inner sealing plate is made of aluminum alloy buckle plate, and the sandwich is made of fireproof and thermal insulation material. The air conditioning and dehumidification device are installed in the box. The operation of the equipment is not affected by the natural climate environment and external pollution, and the normal operation can be guaranteed under the harsh environment of -40℃ ~ +40℃. The primary equipment in the box is fully enclosed, the product has no exposed live part, which can completely achieve zero electric shock accident, the whole station can realize oil-free operation, high security, the secondary use of microcomputer integrated automation system, which can realize unattended.

2. High degree of automation
Total station intelligent design, protection system adopts microcomputer integrated substation automation equipment, installation, which can realize telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote regulating. Each unit has independent operation function. The relay protection function is complete, which can set the operating parameters in the distance, control the humidity and temperature in the box body and alarm the smoke in the distance, so as to meet the requirements of no one on duty.It can also realize remote image monitoring according to the need.



Item Description Unit Data
HV Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated voltage kV 6  10  35
Max working voltage kV 6.9 11.5  40.5
Power frequency withstand voltage
between poles to earth/isolating distance
kV 32/36  42/48  95/118
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
betwwen poles to earth/isolating distance
kV 60/70  75/85  185/215
Rated current A 400  630
Rated short-time withstand current kA 12.5(2s)  16(2s)  20(2s)
Rated peak withstand current kA 32.5  40  50
LV Rated voltage V 380  200
Rated current of main circuit A 100-3200
Rated short-time withstand current kA 15  30  50
Rated peak withstand current kA 30  63  110
Branch circuit A 10∽800
Number of branch circuit / 1∽12
Compensation capacity kVA
Transformer Rated capacity kVA
Short-circuit impedance % 4  6
Scope of brance connection / ±2*2.5%±5%
Connection group symbol / Yyn0  Dyn11

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