GCS LV with drawable switchgear

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GCS Overview

GCS LV with drawable switchgear(hereinafter referred to as device) is developed according to the requirements from industry competent department, numerous electric users and design unit by original state mechanical department, united design group of power department. It conforms to national conditions and with higher technical performance index, and adapts the demands forpower market development and able to compete with available imported products. The device passed the authentication jointly presided by two departments in July 1996 in Shanghai. It obtains the recognition and affirmation from manufacturing unit and power consumer construction.
The device is applicable to the distribution system of power station, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, weaving and tall building industriesetc. In the places with high automaticity and need computer to joint, such as large-scale power station and petrochemical industry system etc, it is the low voltage complete distribution device used in the generating and power supply system with three-phase AC50(60) Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current 4000A and below for distribution, motor central control and reactive power compensation.
The device accords with standards IEC439-1 and GB7251.1.

GCS Main feature

1. Main framework adopts 8MF bar steel. Both sides of bar steel is installed with 49.2mm mounting hole with modulus 20mm and100mm. Inner installation is flexible and easy.
2. Two types of assembly form design for main framework, full assembly structure and partial(side frame and cross rail) welding structure for user selection.
3. Each function compartment of device is separated mutually. The compartments are divided into function unit compartment, bus bar compartment and cable compartment. Each one hasrelative independent function.
4. Horizontal bus bar adopts cabinet back level placed array pattern for enhancing the capacity of resisting electrodynamic force for bus bar. It is the basic measure for obtaining highshort circuitstrength capacity for main circuit.
5. Cable compartment design makes cable outlet and inlet up and down convenient.

GCS Use environmental conditions

1. Ambient air temperature:-5℃~+40℃ and the average temperature should not exceed +35C in 24h.
2. Relative humidity should not exceed 50% at max temperature. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. Ex.90% at +20C. But in view of the temperature change, it is possible that moderate dews will produce casually.
3. Altitude above sea level should not exceed 2000M.
4. Insallation gradient not exceed 5?
5. Indoor without dust, corrosive gas and rain water attack.



GCS The main technical parameters
Rated voltage of main circuit(V)
AC 380/400, (660) Rated short time withstand current of bus bar(kA/1s) 50, 80
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit(V) Rated peak withstand current of bus bar (kA/0.1. 1s) 105, 176
AC 220,380(400) Line frequency test voltage(V/1min)
DC 110,220 Main circuit             2500
Rated frequency(Hz) 50(60) Auxiliary circuit       1760
Rated insulation voltage(V)  660(1000) Bus bar
Rated current(A) Three-phase four-wire system  A.B.C.N
Horizontal bus bar ≦4000 Three-phase ve-wire system  A.B.C.PE.N
(MCC) Vertical bus bar  1000 Protection grade  IP30, IP40

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